Digital Marketing Strategy

Given the speed with which digital media is exploding, marketers’ need to craft a strategy that provides well rounded insights, builds in adequate checks and balances for superior marketing success. We offer exactly that expertise for our clients.

Campaign Measurement

Many times you will notice that either the overarching marketing strategy does not tie in well with the offline and online channels or measurability of offline and online campaigns is not accurate enough. This results in optimising either of these campaigns. Our single minded focus has always been, while we work on such multi-channel campaigns, to address this intersection and ensure superior ROI and better measurement.


Clients pour in millions of dollars on media. Many a times, media budgeting is done purely on gut and past experiences. We talk and use only data to chalk out a rationale for data analytics based media budgeting and spending.

Digital Production

We offer world class digital production and back-end technology services for all our clients. This service is geared for global delivery and follows a process driven approach, ideal for large scale, efficient, bilingual digital production with the aim to deliver superior ROI to marketing campaigns.

Customer Experience

Modelling sets on customer experiences based on each and every touch point be internally or externally and mapping customer journeys is a work of an expert. We offer this unique solution for our clients only on specific domains. Get in touch with us for more information.


Training is an important part in executive development and overall organisations’ success. We spend heavily on both training our trainers and on research to offer bespoke as well as pre-designed onshore courses for our client’s teams to address specific to general needs.

Digital Evangelism

We are living in a digital media world and the faster we harness the medium, the more efficient and effective we will become. Contact us to know more and help your brand or company to benefit from this wonderful new age media.

Mobile Marketing

It is said that 2015 will pave the way for innovative use of mobile for both marketing and payment on hand held devices. Mobile devices will dominate the world of communication in the years to come. We offer marketing services on mobile and development facilities for the mobile platform for our clients.

INDIA - Growth Market

India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. With youth being a significant part of the population and with a recent remarkable boost in technology adoption and usage by the current Narendra Modi government in New Delhi, India is a marketers’ delight.

Digital media and digital marketing are at their inflection point in India today. India seeped in its strong social customs and engrained family values is far more adaptable to the omnipresent social media world. Brands and products are all vying to get that nano-second attention of this massive young, digitally savvy population of India. In that context, it is imperative that marketers’ are able to craft value based digital strategies, keeping in mind the unique and divergent local demographics that exist across the vast expanse of this remarkable country.

Orca Media offers its services in India and it strives to deliver that razor sharp digital solution that cuts across every diversity, every clutter of Indian diaspora yet retaining the unique Indian-ness so that it’s clients are able to raise their marketing prowess.

Please contact us for our services to the Indian market.

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About Us


We partner with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and with startups. Those who have bright ideas and whose businesses have fabulous potential for digital and new media marketing. Our mission is to give them direction, to partner with them and help them overcome their numerous marketing challenges. We work with MNC clients largely because of our knowledge of the Singapore and the South East Asian markets and their dynamics. All these put us in an unique advantageous position to offer the best digital marketing solutions for all our clients.


We follow two simple steps to help deliver the best services to our clients. We believe in going to the very core of the problem and evaluate each granular detail.

Step 1: To listen to and understand our client’s challenges, gauge their existing capabilities, train the existing team on relevant knowledge and build a strong team with adequate expertise and capabilities.

Step 2: To work with the new team on each of their marketing challenges, partner with each team on building a robust, well-conceived digital marketing strategy, then execute those strategies with well-crafted marketing campaigns, measure the outcome of those campaigns and eventually close a well-oiled loop by incorporating the learnings to start the process all over again.

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